Want to know more about Google Adwords - Search and Display Marketing

Search and Display Marketing

There are misconceptions that Pay-Per-Click advertisements eat away your marketing budget with no lead generation. However, from working in the Digital marketing field over the last three years, Digital Heights believes Google Adwords is an excellent way to get your website on top in Google search results and on the Google Display Network. Google Adwords lets you track every dollar spent on incoming traffic to your site.You can generate more qualified leads only with Google Adwords. It’s easy to set up and start your advertising campaigns quickly.Search and display marketing is also called as the pay per click advertising(PPC).

You can use Digital Heights Team as your Digital/Internet marketing consultants. We’ll help you by:

doing keyword research/analysis
providing reports on the marketing campaigns
troubleshooting any issues on your website that might affect search results

The way Adwords work is simple.

People search for particular products/services on Google
If the keyword you have chosen matches with what people are searching for, then your paid ad, will be shown to them.
When someone clicks on the search/display ad, Your website opens up, and you will Pay for the click.

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